GreenBroz Model M

The new Model M Dry trimmer from GreenBroz is the company’s largest and most efficient automated harvesting machine to date.

Designed to be gentle on the product, quiet to operate and easy to clean, the Model M will process 8-12 pounds of cannabis per hour.

“The outer shell is one piece of steel, which makes it strong and easy to clean. We perfected the patented guide fins to ensure final product quality and incorporated an emergency stop switch into the design as an added safety measure,” said Kevin Bower, GreenBroz lead engineer.

The patented blade and guide fin design features surgical-grade stainless steel, allowing gentle rolling of the flower to maintain potency, the cannabinoid profile and the shape of the flower while ensuring product purity and compliance.

All parts of the machine that have direct contact with flower are made of food-grade, surgical 316 stainless steel ensuring compliance and increasing resistance to corrosion and bacterial growth. All outer parts are 304 stainless steel.

The control panel is completely removable for cleaning. The Model M can easily be configured to be compatible with international power specifications.


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