Designed with function and durability at the forefront, Geopot fabric pots combine excellent breathability for heat regulation, high drainage, and sturdy construction to deliver a long lasting, dependable fabric pot product. The geotextile fabric is made from BPA free plastics, and the marine-grade thread performs season after season – in even the harshest salt and moisture laden conditions.  Geopot fabric pots boast some of the thickest fabric material on the market, and are easily reusable and washable at the end of a season. Available with handles, and in Velcro Transplanter variations, Geopot fabric pots can be utilized for every stage of plant life. Geopot fabric pots are available in sizes up to 1000 Gallons.

Benefits of Geopot fabric pots:


Geopot fabric pots are available in Tan for those looking to provide extra reduction in root zone temperature.

The Geoplanter is a raised bed system designed for growers who expect quality, durability, and longevity out of a raised bed. The Geoplanter offers the benefits of air-pruning fabric pots coupled with rugged durability unmatched by any other fabric raised beds. Geoplanters can last upwards of 4 grow cycles, so they are perfect for rigorous outdoor applications as well as highly controlled indoor applications. No-till gardening can be done indoors or outdoors using Geoplanter fabric raised bed systems, and can run multiple cycles without having to change out your soil. The porous fabric means you can even use GeoPlanter products in flood and drain or drain to waste style systems, as they fit perfectly in most standard flood trays. Available with customizable trellis kits and in sizes up to 4’ x 8’.

Geopot also manufactures specialty fabric pots, such as the Squat Pot, a short and wide version of the Geopot that is great for maximizing horizontal space and growing multiple plants in a single container.

The G-Lite by Geopot is a great option for commercial scale grows, as it couples the durable design of Geopot with a lighter fabric stock, offering the same great air pruning features at a more economical price range.

To learn more about the fabric pots offered by Geopot, visit their website at , or call Left Coast Wholesale for wholesale, Commercial, and bulk orders at 1.800.681.1757


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