Fusion CBD

Fusion CBD

With a wide array of full-spectrum CBD products, Fusion CBD is growing to be a dominant player in the world of online CBD and at East Coast retail stores.

Fueled by more than 400 acres of hemp grown by its parent company, Oregon Fusion, and several partner farms across the U.S., Fusion CBD is one of the few vertically integrated CBD businesses to put farming and genetics first.

“That allows us complete control of how our plants are grown, harvested, processed and then manufactured into consumer goods,” co-owner Adam Kurtz says.

Product Details: Fusion CBD’s 1,000-milligram tincture, which can be taken orally or used as a topical, has become a top-seller for the company, which also has successful lines of soaps, salves, body creams, hemp pre-rolls and edible mints (the company’s only non-full-spectrum product).

“The CBD smokable hemp market has really exploded the last six months and we see this as the future of tobacco replacement,” Kurtz says. “Many consumers want to experience cannabis, but do not like getting high.”

Growth: The company has seen rapid expansion since it started in 2016 and it hasn’t slowed down. Kurtz says the company’s revenue has grown by 400% year-over-year, and he anticipates revenue to grow by 600% in 2019. He attributes part of that growth to the boom in smokable hemp products.

“We have sold out a few times,” Kurtz says. “We are currently purchasing material at inflated rates. We are buying material at $300 a pound and our farmers are starting to run out.”

Fusion CBD is in the midst of purchasing land in Upstate New York for a new manufacturing facility to accompany the 32,000-square-foot greenhouse the company already has in the Empire State.


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