Cannabis growers, processors and dispensaries need to manage manufacturing, warehousing, asset tracking and inventory to meet their supply and demand needs. But they also need to meet strict state regulation requirements placed on the cannabis industry with software that allows them to track and manage cannabis in real-time and provide reporting and documentation any time it is required for audit by state agencies.

The Fishbowl inventory management software uses barcode tracking for plant IDs as well as for lot numbers to reduce human error and increase efficiency. It tracks the presence, location and progress of cannabis within a facility. It can track from the seed to harvested plant and accounts for the cost of soil, potting, fertilizers and other supplies as needed.

Once flower is harvested, Fishbowl links the cannabis plant ID throughout the process. Everything is reverse-lot traceable. Fishbowl tracks consumables, materials and waste byproducts, and can even identify the quantity and loss, through each of the processing stages.

After processing, Fishbowl assigns a lot ID to sellable cannabis goods to keep track of the location and a history of the products. Sales, losses and inventory movement and location are tracked.

In order to meet state and local reporting requirements, Fishbowl includes business intelligence technology designed to enhance reporting queries, while providing dozens of customized forms, labels and data reports.

Fishbowl is used by cannabis businesses in about 15 states where recreational or medical marijuana is legal.


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