Fairwinds CBD

Fairwinds CBD

Though the company got its start in Washington state’s adult-use marketplace in 2014, Fairwinds Manufacturing has always focused on the medical, CBD side of the industry, positioning itself as the leading wellness brand in the Evergreen State with more than 45 different topicals, tinctures and vapes that all seem to find their way to the best-sellers lists.

This year, the company is moving into the national CBD space with the launch of Fairwinds CBD, a hemp-based brand that will be available for purchase at retailers nationwide and through the company’s website.

Fairwinds prides itself on product formulation and production. The company’s chemistry and bio-med team has a collective 20-plus years of experience with traditional formulations.

“Focusing on the chemistry of these botanical ingredients and how they synergize with cannabis has been one of the leading factors in how Fairwinds products have become so effective,” says Steve Schechterle, director of marketing and customer support.

Cultivation: While the company grows its own cannabis for the Washington market, it is partnering with Oregon-based hemp growers for its national brand. Schechterle says it will not be sourcing CBD oil from the open market. The company is also working to acquire ownership in what it describes as “one of the premier hemp CBD cultivation and processing businesses in Oregon.”

Product Details: Fairwinds uses both full-spectrum CBD and isolate, depending on the products, though it has always promoted full-plant extracts unless a customer is specifically looking for THC-free products. Schechterle says the company is a believer in the “entourage effect” and looks forward to a day when it can bring its full product line to a national market, though for now the Fairwinds CBD line will be a hemp-based, extremely low-THC product.


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