Elite Growing Platform

The folks at Elite Garden have released a new “double bucket” growing system. The patent-pending Elite Growing Platform is a reusable, turn-key solution optimized for garden management and plant viability. Each unit is made from food-grade plastic.

The 13-gallon system includes an inner unit, an outer unit, a locking stand and two disposable “PotSocks.” The inner unit has a hexagonal screen bottom designed to suspend the root structure and provide optimum drainage. The outer unit has a sloped main drainage point and a secondary drain with a one-way valve to expel water without letting in light to help eliminate root rot and false readings. The locking stand is lifted to keep roots high off the floor and has optional castors for easy movement.

Inside the inner unit, the plants sit in the PotSocks, designed with a mesh bottom to allow roots to pass through to an area designed for aeration.

The system is modular and expandable and is designed for both commercial and consumer applications. The Elite Growing Platform is listed at $129 each.

More information: www.elitegardenwholesale.com.



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