Founded in 2018, CryO2 is a Dallas-based company that specializes in cryotherapy and inhalable technologies. The company’s main product, CannaO2, provides 95% aviator’s breathing oxygen (ABO) in a can infused with a proprietary blend of 100% organic cannabis-derived terpenes and normal ambient air. The unique smokeless marijuana alternative is legal in all 50 states and delivers up to 130 two-second inhalations from each canister. CannaO2 does not require a prescription. Through its partnerships with licensed cannabis companies, CannaO2 has the capability to deliver CBD- and/or THC-infused oxygen canisters creating an organic smokeless marijuana alternative.

The company is currently developing a smaller can capable of 50 inhalations and is spearheaded by a group of millennial entrepreneurs with a proven track record of success and backgrounds in technology, sales, finance and legal.

CryO2’s business model is similar to Coca-Cola in that the functional formula empowers others to license, create and distribute products globally. The only thing different is that CryO2 is focused on the medical and recreational cannabis marketplace.

CryO2 is currently raising $2.5 million and expects to go public in April 2019 on the Canadian Securities Exchange. Within five years, the company believes it will dominate the global market share with its proprietary cannabis inhalable technologies.

For more Information, contact Tyler Slater at 469-525-8476 or visit the website


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