Confident Cannabis Wholesale

Confident Cannabis developed its wholesale software platform to showcase a variety of products, allowing every type of license holder to benefit.

From populating the Confident Cannabis Gallery with lab-tested products, to only allowing active Metrc vendors, nothing is opaque on Confident Cannabis. Customers will know what they’re looking at, what is in it, and can contact the vendor to know who made it.

Confident Cannabis Wholesale features include allowing buyers to see all available products from producers in their state and filter them by testing results like cannabinoids, terpenes, pesticides and toxins. Orders and requests can be made without needing the typical process of emails, texts or phone calls, and buyers can see what products a producer has on hand to make ordering decisions quickly. Producers can easily submit reorders to retail or wholesale clients to keep them fully stocked.

In addition, products that have been tested with a lab using Confident Cannabis are automatically added to a virtual stockroom to eliminate tedious menu updating.

All vendors have official Metrc API keys and all products have been tested through a licensed cannabis lab using Confident Cannabis software and have certificates of analysis from a licensed lab attached so buyers know what is made, who makes it and what it’s made of.


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