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Full-service company fulfills role of middle man

EUGENE, Ore. — Noah Persin was 19 years old when he rode into Oregon on a motorcycle he’d built, with $100 to his name and a backpack full of food from his parents’ kitchen. At the time, he wanted something far different than his sprawling hometown of Chicago.

Eugene was about as different as he could find.

Nearly 30 years later, Persin started GreenSea Distribution to fill the role ofmiddle man in Oregon’s evolving cannabis market. In addition to distribution, GreenSea offers branding, marketing, packaging, consulting and web design services for clients.

“People quickly learned that red tape is a pain,” Persin said. “So they turn to us.”

GreenSea also helps its clients stay in compliance.

“My partner and lead compliance officer is on several of the recreational advisory committees, so we have real-time inside intelligence,” he said. “We keep our vendors ahead of the game and get them in compliance quickly.”

The current restrictions against interstate commerce for any products with active cannabinoid ingredients keep the distribution arm of GreenSea Distribution limited to Oregon. But Persin said the company still offers an entire catalog of services, such as packaging and business information, for clients operating outside of Oregon.

“We want to expand our footprint, so when interstate and international reciprocity comes, our name will already be out there in places like Colorado, California and beyond,” Persin said.

However, he believes the Oregon market should supply plenty of business for the years to come. GreenSea currently operates within Oregon’s medical program, but plans to transition to the emerging recreational market when the time is right. According to Persin, GreenSea has a footprint in about 90% of the dispensaries in Oregon.

But building relationships with so many clients didn’t happen overnight; for GreenSea Distribution, it was a three-decade process. His prior companies, including Glass House Scientific, and Emerald Trade Alliance, definitely played a part in building an impressive client list.

“We started off with a distribution model and had to walk slowly down that hill,” Persin said. “Then we started picking up work doing everything else around distribution. This industry needs professionalism. But it needs to come from within, not from New York.”


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