C&C Shops buys out retail lottery winner

Sale marks first transaction of its kind
Seattle-based C & C Shops announced that it had acquired 100 percent of Better Bud LLC in Bremerton, Wash.
C&C Pot Shop's Peter O'Neil
Better Bud LLC was the number two marijuana retail lottery winner in Bremerton, WA. C & C Shop purchased all assets of Better Bud LLC, including its Washington State business license and its recreational cannabis retail application.
C & C‘s Managing Member Pete O’Neil said, “Today we placed another bet on this new industry’s future and our vision to be part of it.”
This acquisition will allow C & C to move forward on it’s plan to operate multiple locations in the new recreational-state licensed cannabis business, voted for by Washington State citizens almost two years ago.
Only 334 retail cannabis retail outlets will be licensed throughout all of Washington State, with 1,174 applicants that had entered into the recreational retail lottery.  In addition to this shop in Bremerton C & C is working on two more location acquisitions to announce later this month.
Dave Comeau, President of Better Buds said “It is great to be able to partner with a company like C&C Shops that has the drive and vision to make this company a major success in the future.”
Pete O’Neil of C& C Cannabis Shops –206-906-9778
Dave Comeau of Better Buds – 360-731-6611



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