Like it or not, alcohol is a staple of New Orleans. Events like Mardi Gras and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival help the city bring in nearly $8 billion in annual tourism revenue. For Jonathan Andry, a local attorney and entrepreneur, the city’s party culture played an integral role in developing CBD-Tox, a pill that blends natural, holistic medicines and CBD into a hangover remedy for all the Big Easy’s hard mornings.

“It’s like a Michelob Ultra,” Andry says. “People work hard, play hard and want to wake up the next day and work hard again.”

Andry discovered CBD at a 2016 trade show and co-founded the company with Dr. Thomas Bond in 2018. He says trips to the city’s French Quarter helped develop early versions of the CBD-Tox capsules. For further testing he went to college, asking his two daughters’ friends to try the remedy.

“Their friends still call me asking, ‘can I have some more?’ Andry says.

Product Details: CBD-Tox uses natural ingredients such as vitamin B12 and milk thistle to hydrate and detoxify alongside CBD and natural antioxidants such as acai berries.

Retail: Once the formulation was ready, the company contacted Silver Shadow Ventures in Utah to manufacture and package the product with CBD isolate. CBD-Tox is being marketed toward bars, restaurants and liquor stores. The product is currently available where online sales are legal, and Andry expects it to be in 150 to 300 brick-and-mortar locations soon.


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