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Natalie Noe didn’t set out to cash in on the growing CBD craze. She didn’t ask for an award or accolades from the people she’s helped. In truth, the co-owner, co-founder and acting CEO of CBD Skincare Company says the family business was the culmination of growing up in a marijuana-friendly home and living with psoriasis.

It started when Noe’s father suggested using CBD for her skin. As a wellness coach, Noe had an inkling that ingesting the cannabinoid wouldn’t be as effective as it would be as a topical. She decided to combine CBD with organic soap to make a prototype treatment, which proved to be an effective for her skin.

“There was no intention of creating a business,” Noe says. “I’m just someone who had an experience that changed my life, and now we have hundreds of testimonies of people who feel the same way.”

Having finally found a product that worked, Noe wanted to share her creation with the millions of people living with psoriasis and eczema. Today, the company makes topicals, soaps and shampoos, as well as a similar line for pets.

Product Details: Noe and her father started CBD Skincare Company with the mission of helping others using only organic and vegan ingredients, with the exception of the shea honey oatmeal soap bars which use honey (technically, a non-vegan ingredient). But Noe assures the honey gathered for the soap bars is exclusively sourced from humane bee farms.

Retail: The company started sales on Jan. 1, 2018 and has grown organically into more than 100 stores.


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