CannaTrue EPD System

CBG Biotech’s new CannaTrue EPD Cold Ethanol Extraction System is designed to process and purify essential oils and capture desired cannabinoids from cannabis and hemp.

The CannaTrue EPD System features modules for extraction, purification and distillation. It extracts biomass, then purifies and distills to yield a crude, full-spectrum distillate using high-purity ethanol. The system then distills the ethanol, enabling it to be recovered for future extractions, separating the ethanol from the concentrates.

Using the EPD System, cannabis and hemp extractors can achieve 80-90% recovery of ethanol. The system operates in a closed loop, offers real-time and remote monitoring, cycle tunability and can process multiple batches of biomass per day.

“The EPD System learns from every wash how to be more efficient by adapting to the user’s environment and process settings,” said Eric Lloyd, CBG production lead. “Each of the three modules are interconnected, thereby providing higher throughput and shorter processing times.”

The CannaTrue EPD System is fully automated and features all-metal construction with dual-wall 304 stainless steel processing tanks.

CBG Biotech is a leading manufacturer of high-purity solvent recovery, recycling, removal and extraction systems designed for sustainability, safety and operational efficiency.



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