Cannatrol Dry/Cure System


Cannatrol recently announced the launch of its patent-pending Cannatrol Dry/Cure System to address one of the prominent issues plaguing cannabis producers today.

The Cannatrol Dry/Cure system provides a controlled, repeatable, chemical- and heat-free drying and curing solution resulting in superior terpene retention, consistent quality and visually appealing cannabis products.

The patent-pending Vaportrol technology inside Cannatrol was originally developed to solve a drying and aging problem at one of the top cheese makers in the U.S. Today, it is being used in hundreds of cheese and cured-meat aging rooms and is the proven standard for high quality in the food industry.  Vaportrol maintains proper vapor pressure throughout the drying and curing process for the food industry and now, through Cannatrol, for the cannabis sector.

Cannatrol units are fitted with an integrated scale to monitor real-time water weight loss and have up to five different settings per dry/cure cycle. Other features of the commercial system include multi-sensor technology, a color touch screen, remote operation via smartphone, food-grade construction materials and manual overrides.



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