CannaSweet, a new product from Icon Foods in Portland, Oregon, is a proprietary blend of natural sweeteners designed specifically for the cannabis industry to employ clean label sugar reduction for edibles.

CannaSweet uses allulose, a low-calorie monosaccharide sweetener balanced with stevia and monk fruit, to optimize sweetness and reduce sugar in low-calorie and calorie‐free foods and beverages.

Available in crystalline and liquid formats, CannaSweet is designed for a wide range of products including carbonated and noncarbonated beverages, frostings, baked goods, frozen dairy desserts, soft candies and fillings.

Because CannaSweet functions like sugar, it is easily used in food applications. It improves foaming properties of egg whites in aerated food systems, while its moisture-binding properties extend shelf-life, so brownies and cookies will not harden over time. Plus, it is highly soluble at low or high temperature solutions.


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