Oregon-based online cannabis e-commerce portal CanIDeal lists products “related to the cannabis industry” from multiple states on its site.

While it only sells THC products in Oregon, non-THC products can now be listed for sale in every recreational and medical state through the platform.

CanIDeal’s safe and legal software platform, optimized for geo-specific transactions, means that CanIDeal provides a tool for the full spectrum of cannabis supply chain vendors that conforms to regulations in each state.

By establishing a global brand for cannabis businesses and connecting legal product suppliers with legal buyers, CanIDeal expects to achieve the transactional volume necessary to reach economy-of-scale savings, not just in spite of an inherently fragmented worldwide cannabis market, but because of it.

“This is a new day for makers of machinery, equipment, vape units, CBD products, hemp products and really the entire cannabis industry,” said CanIDeal CEO Joseph Farruggia. “It wouldn’t have happened without the belief and faith of our investor base and that has made all the difference in the world.”


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