Brother Mobile Solutions

Brother Mobile’s Quick Deploy and other Seed-to-Sale Labeling Solutions are used across the cannabis supply chain

Brother Mobile Solutions offers a wide range of versatile, advanced mobile labeling solutions ideally suited to meet the needs of the cannabis industry. Quick Deploy Labeling Kits by Brother can be configured with virtually everything the cannabis supply chain needs to create and print high-quality, professional labels in one convenient box.

Some of these features include a new inventory control labeling solution that combines a state-of-the-art barcode scanner and thermal printer preconfigured for easy setup; quick-deploy kits that require no need for POS, ERP or price book interfaces; and a “ready, set, print” capability in which sales associates or warehouse workers simply load SKU, UPC or menu item files directly into printer storage from a mobile device or desktop.

“This industry is unique in that each state has a complex web of regulations and each participant in the cannabis supply chain has distinct labeling needs,” said Ravi Panjwani, vice president of marketing and product management at Brother Mobile Solutions. “At Brother, we’re committed to helping businesses — from cultivators to retailers — understand what labeling solutions are available, and how they fit into the operation.”


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