Braingrid Sentroller S

Braingrid Limited, a global provider of affordable, scalable sensor platforms for precision agriculture launched the new, self-powered “Sentroller S.”

Sentroller S brings all the features of Braingrid’s original Sentroller platform to cultivators, including quick installation, email alarm notifications and online dashboards and reports. But the Sentroller S is powered by a solar panel that enables an even quicker install and limitless possibilities for sensor placement. This helps cultivators monitor growing conditions in and around the plant canopy where power connections are not often available. Any form of grow lighting is sufficient to power the Sentroller S.

The new system monitors mission-critical cultivation parameters (including temperature, relative humidity, CO2, PAR and moisture) in the plant canopy, without power cords or the need to change batteries.

“The Sentroller S launch marks yet another important milestone for Braingrid that aligns with our strategic plan and continues our momentum that has been building since the launch of our original Sentroller as we strive to provide the best precision technology solution to the cannabis cultivation industry,” Braingrid CEO and founder Michael Kadonoff said in a press release.


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