Paxiom Group presents the Bingo Bagger for efficient cannabis packaging

Introducing the new Bingo Bagger for opening, filling, and sealing pre-made bags up to 20 inches long, with or without a zipper.

The Bingo Bagger runs on a variety of bags types including coextruded film, laminate material, polyethylene, and mylar. Ideal for bulk or wholesale cannabis packaging, the Bingo is equally efficient and sanitary, with minimal product to machine contact and a clean open-frame design.

Standard features of the Bingo include Omron PLC, a large color touchscreen, and tool-less bag adjustment for time-efficient change-overs. Additional options include incorporating vacuum packaging and gas flush at the bag sealing station.

The compact Bingo Bagger comes equipped with casters, making it highly feasible for space-conscious facilities. The automatic bagging machine can be customized for semi-automatic use or seamlessly integrated with any automatic filling system.

Brian Whittaker

Cannabis Industry Manager

(725) 300 – 2157



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