Badass Budtender

The new Badass Budtender kiosk series from 420 Cyber can manage cash and card payments and scan customer IDs. It also comes with a robust menu including images and content.

Currently, the company offers three different upright models and two sit-down tabletop models for lobby areas or consumption lounges, where customers can sit and complete their transactions.

The Badass Budtender has more than 115,000 SKUs, images and details delivering seamless integration in real-time. The kiosk’s interactive, touch-screen display is designed to provide an intuitive experience for consumers and can enhance their experience with real-time data analytics. Identification systems can help detect “loopers,” or people who buy cannabis multiple times per day, as well as creating easier egress into stores at check-in and valuable marketing analytics for suppliers at the point of sale.

It also allows brands to have more powerful insights to help drive brand awareness. The cloud-based technology allows brand and category managers to change and alter creative messages faster than before with a user-friendly content management system.

Badass Budtender kiosks can also be tied into closed-circuit television screens.


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