ArchSolar designs and builds agricultural structures that harvest the energy of the sun for sustainable, energy-efficient crop production year-round.

The company integrates photovoltaic solar cells and specialty materials into a variety of greenhouses and other structures, including its GrowBox system, a hybrid indoor-outdoor structure made of refurbished shipping containers and traditional greenhouses. The photovoltaic panels provide electricity to power lighting, fans and other cultivation equipment.

The GrowBox combines the value of an insulated, indoor production space with the benefits of natural sunlight to reduce operating costs by about half, compared to traditional indoor agriculture. The GrowBox systems can be configured specifically for different purposes and can be outfitted with heating and cooling systems, supplemental lighting, light deprivation and other environmental controls. The modular units allow easy expansion.

ArchSolar greenhouses are constructed with fiberglass arches capable of withstanding heavy snowfall and winds of up to 150 mph. The arches also improve efficiency, by reducing the need for vertical columns that interrupt sunlight and cultivation space.


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