Approach Kiosks

Approach, a self-service ordering kiosk, delivers an interactive experience that offers expediency and efficiency to both customers and store employees of recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries.

Designed by leading display and kiosk manufacturer Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc., the self-order kiosk offers consumers an opportunity to browse and select products independently. Once customers have selected their merchandise, they receive a ticket to bring to checkout where they pay for and receive their items.

The kiosk is designed to allow faster service to patrons who prefer to shop without the help of a budtender, as well as alleviate long lines for customer service. An added benefit is the ability of self-service technology to upsell products as customers scroll, often leading to larger order transactions.

The kiosks were already available for use in other industries, and the company is now making them available to cannabis retailers.


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