The APEX  reduces the total existing mold and yeast count from cannabis — and its potential to form during the curing stage — without affecting terpenes or smell and without the aid of chemicals. The standalone machine was built specifically for cannabis and can handle up to 20-pound batches of flower in approximately 10 minutes.

Ziel, a California-based company specializing in disinfection and disinfection systems, designed the machine specifically for the needs of cannabis operators. The APEX can also be used to lower or raise moisture of flower. Flower processed by the APEX does not decarboxylate or oxidize. The machine is also electrically efficient and operates with low power consumption.  

Operators simply load a tray of loose flower into the machine, set their preferred settings and then remove the flower minutes later, after the process has ended.

The baseline system includes: the standalone aluminum and steel unit, fiber optic probes that monitor temperature and guide the automatic process, programmable logic and HMI (human machine interface) controls, four sets of trays with lids and remote access for easy software updating.

According to the company, the APEX has a life expectancy of 20 years.



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