Altitude Products

With 11 wholly owned brands, more than 360 CBD-infused SKUs including topicals, tinctures, body care, lubricants, capsules and pet products — as well as a slew of accolades and awards from media outlets — Altitude Products has reached critical and commercial success with numerous demographics. But founder Krista Whitley wouldn’t call the Nevada-based business a CBD company.

“Altitude Products is a sales and marketing organization that happens to formulate effective, beautiful CBD products that incorporate seamlessly into your daily life,” Whitley says. “We make a conscious effort to spend as much time as possible doing what we do best.”

And what Altitude Products seems to do best is tap into a wide variety of demographics with an equally wide variety of CBD products that resonate with consumers. Altitude’s brands include Jack, Bella, Black Belt CBD, Wellness CBD 1937 and Whisker Wellness.

Whitley says the varied product lines reflect the corporate culture she and her team have been building over the past four years.

“We have leaders from 21 to 65 years of age, all ethnicities, all gender identities, all educational backgrounds working together,” Whitley says. “Diversity matters. It helps us to develop products that have been well thought out and to understand diverse consumer perspectives.”

Retail: Altitude Products are distributed to about 650 retailers in five countries.

Growth: Whitley says the next milestone is growing the company’s footprint in department stores and box stores, which would bring her career full circle as a supplier to the businesses where she once worked as a sales associate. One of her first jobs was working at Nordstrom in Yakima, Washington.

“I dream of having a product I created sold in the beauty section,” she says.


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