Agri-Mon Sensors

Wi-Fi enabled versions of agricultural sensors for humidity, temperature, light, carbon dioxide and more are now available from Harsoe Industries.

“We will be releasing more Wi-Fi sensors from our commercial range of products in the coming months,” Harsoe Industries general manager Peter Harrison said. “A Wi-Fi rechargeable soil moisture probe is also available with a solar option — so as long as you have enough sunshine, you never need to recharge the probe.”

The sensors being added to the Agri-Mon product line connect directly with the user’s Wi-Fi network. Different sensors can be purchased individually and added as required.

Rechargeable battery options are available for most sensors and a solar rechargeable version is available for indoor/greenhouse use where at least eight hours of sunlight/daylight bulbs are available each day.

Harsoe Industries has designed commercial plug-and-play packages for various growers under its range of Agri-Mon products.
“Real-time monitoring of indoor and outdoor crops such as moisture, humidity, temperature, lights, nutrients and irrigation to electricity usage, flood detection and security is a cost-effective solution that gives the grower more definitive data to make better decisions,” Harrison said.

The system can also send text alerts in situations such as the lights needing to be turned on or off, or when the plants may need watering.

Plant moisture sensors are available in packs of four with a maximum of 24 moisture sensors per sensor control module. Remote outdoor grows can also be configured with solar and cell packages with backup batteries.
Harsoe Industries has been working with nut and fruit farmers since 2010 to provide real-time data systems to give farmers better information about irrigation and fertilizer for crops, and has been working with medical marijuana growers in Oregon over the past year to develop products for the cannabis industry.

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