Agent 939 HPS Plus+

Method Seven has a new line of protective glasses, specifically designed for indoor grows using high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting. The Agent 939 HPS Plus+ glasses use Method Seven’s flagship technology — German mineral glass infused with rare earth elements — to counteract the reddish, yellow hue of HPS lights that can make it difficult to discern issues like pests or mold, and can also lead to physical problems such as headaches.

“We’re not adding blue with our lenses, we’re actually taking away reds and yellows, which brings the blues and greens to life,” national sales manager Dave Iacovelli said in a press release.

For added side light protection, the Agent 939 HPS Plus+ features a wraparound frame and wide temple pieces. In addition to their color balancing properties, Method Seven glass lenses are scratch-resistant, easy to clean and don’t haze over like cheap grow glasses. They also block ultraviolet light and infrared heat, helping keep eyes cool and moist.


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