420 Skincare

As a wife, mother and nurse-turned-founder of Start Living, a group home and recovery center in Arizona, Marvina Thomas, is a driven caregiver. While the self-made entrepreneur has worked tirelessly on her latest success, 420 Skincare, a manufacturer of CBD-infused soaps, bath product and topicals, she isn’t interested in hording the profits.

“My company is all about giving back,” Thomas says. “420 Skincare provides people the opportunity to renew their lives, and I am proud to be the vessel to provide this to everyone.”

Thomas donates 50% of the proceeds from 420 Skincare to group homes where people who are struggling from debilitating conditions such as homelessness and addiction can get the help they need. Her company also hosts giveaways and provides employment to people who can’t find work due to past convictions. In her free time, she works to help others, particularly women and minorities, start cannabis businesses of their own.

“Starting a business is stressful and hard, especially when you do it all from your own pocket,” Thomas says.

Product details: Philanthropy aside, Thomas is also a gifted soap maker, drawing on that experience to develop 420 Skincare’s product lines. All her soaps and bath bombs are hand-crafted using organic ingredients such as white clay, sweet almond oil and Epsom salt.

Growth: Thomas only entered the CBD market by chance: A young woman at her group home suffered from skin issues that Thomas treated by making a CBD-infused bar of soap for her. The efficacy of that concoction led Thomas to found 420 Skincare in 2016. Since then the company has developed dozens of new products and skin treatments.

Retail: 420 Skincare products are available online and at CBD retailers and dispensaries throughout the country. The company’s THC-infused products are available at dispensaries throughout Arizona.


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