420 Cyber


In recent years, cannabis industry giants and state regulators have suffered from data breaches, with costly and long-term effects for all those affected. Information such as tax records, social security numbers and citizenship information was compromised and allegedly published online, raising deep privacy concerns for industry operators and consumers.420 Cyber provides cybersecurity solutions designed for cannabis organizations and/or ancillary businesses to exceed local regulatory standards. Typical cybersecurity offerings require a large initial investment, multiple security software applications, additional hardware as well as staff to maintain. However, 420 Cyber can protect your entire organization with its full suite of cybersecurity products.

Features include a 24/7/365 secure operations center, video active security monitoring (VASM) facial recognition, darknet real-time monitoring, social media monitoring, HIPAA and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PSI DSS) security compliance, regulatory compliance monitoring, automated risk management, auditing services and Office 365 monitoring.



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