Lilach Mazor Power

Lilach Mazor Powers

Name: Lilach Mazor Power

Age: 37

Company: Giving Tree Wellness Center

Position: Co-founder and managing director

Lilach Mazor Power strives to push the boundaries of what cannabis retail can do for the community.

“We are changing history,” she says.

So when the former Israeli Air Force sergeant helped found Giving Tree Wellness Center in Arizona, she made it a point to build more than just a medical marijuana dispensary.

“My business partner and I share a vision of being part of our community, giving back and changing the stigma people have of our industry,” she says.

Giving Tree hosts several major fundraising events, raising money and awareness for breast cancer and Crohn’s and colitis causes, as well as a back-to-school drive for a local domestic abuse shelter.

“Fundraising is very important to us, so much that we started fundraising events before we became profitable,” Power says.

Giving Tree also offers yoga and massages at a subsidized cost for its patients.

Power says the company is committed to providing high-quality, consistent products without the use of harmful pesticides or harsh solvents.

Giving Tree has its own indoor commercial grow that supplies 85% of the product sold at its Phoenix and Mesa dispensaries. The company is in the process of constructing a commercial greenhouse as well.


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