2019 Words of Wisdom: Farming & CBD

A look back at some of the most important pieces of advice published in the pages of Marijuana Venture in 2019


“There’s definitely going to be a rapid acceleration as Big Agriculture techniques start to come into play in a more industrialized, monoculture farming infrastructure, like we’re seeing in other commodities.”

Henry Finkelstein, Cannabis Big Data

August 2019

“We tell every farm: Try not to reinvent the wheel here.”

Barry Cook, Boring Hemp Company

March 2019

“Finding and keeping people to perform repetitive, labor-intensive tasks has been a constant strain on the profit margins of the horticulture industry — and the backs of workers.”

Afshin Doust, Advanced Intelligent Systems

August 2019

“If navigating through the cannabis industry doesn’t present enough challenges, let’s add cross contamination from hemp into the equation.”

Jodi Haines, Alter Farms

November 2019

“Our customers build the most loyalty to brands with a consistent supply, community presence and quality packaging. I’m not saying those three things will make your farm successful, but you’ll have a hard time winning without them.”

Steve Lee, Green2Go

June 2019

“It’s not for lack of trying, but some people are not going to make the cut. I think if you can survive this moment, you can survive.”

Chiah Rodrigues, Mendocino Generations

September 2019

“The biggest mistake people make is they wait until they see pests and then they call.”

Todd Statzer, urbn-gro

October 2019

Hemp and CBD

“Anyone considering entering either the business of growing or selling hemp must first consider how they will traverse these changing and confusing legal issues in order to get their products to an eager market and avoid costly run-ins with law enforcement.”

Kay Barnes Baxter, Foley & Mansfield

September 2019

“For those of us who are working in the cannabis space every day, the CBD derived from hemp has really, at least for the time being, made THC products less of the focus right now.”

Seth Goldberg, Duane Morris

June 2019

“The chance to capitalize on the hemp boom is there for the taking.”

Charles Feldmann, Feldmann Nagel Cantafio

September 2019

“Bad companies give the entire industry a bad name, so I think we’re starting to see a lot of those companies fall off and I think we’re going to see an elevation in the quality and standards.”

Jessica Rice, Mad Ritual

December 2019

“It is too soon to say if CBD is truly a rising star, or merely a fad that will burn out and fall to Earth.”

June 2019

Jenny Wilkerson and Lance McMahon, University of Florida


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