Product Spotlight: HISIERRA


In order to serve the cannabis industry with exit bags required by some states, Intellipak USA has developed the HISIERRA line of packaging.

The HISIERRA bags are child-resistant, reclosable and easy to open, while also being environmentally friendly. The HISIERRA material is a food-grade, high-barrier pouch made with renewable and sustainable resources like sugarcane. The packaging is manufactured in a facility using 100% wind energy.

“I recognized a need for an eco-friendly package in such an exploding market,” said Michael Greenfield of Intellipak. “My goal was to create the absolute best product possible, considering every angle of concern. Traditional packaging offers no environmental benefits.

“Our factory uses 100% wind power for sustainable energy in manufacturing,” he added. “This means that both the HISIERRA materials and the manufacturing process are renewable and sustainable. I call this eco-responsible packaging.”

Greenfield expects the customer base for the legal cannabis industry will continue to grow rapidly — as will those consumers who are looking for businesses utilizing sustainable practices.

“The demographic data related to legal cannabis consumers shows that environmental issues are important to them,” he said. “At the same time, they have considerable discretionary income and expect a quality product with quality packaging. Packaging and child safety is a very important aspect of the whole canna-business model. I’ve hit all those points with HISIERRA bags.”

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